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Meet The Owners

Meet Mike & Genny Fontaine, Owners of Commonwealth Roofing & Siding

Mike and Genny were both born and raised in Northern Virginia and are now balancing their time between Northern Virginia and the Northern Neck, while running the business in both areas and giving as much back to their communities as time and money will allow. 

From as early as he can remember, Mike knew exactly what he wanted to do when he graduated High School. He wanted to jump out of airplanes! He went on to serve four exciting years in the army with the 82nd Airborne Infantry where he realized his dreams while simultaneously fulfilling, what he firmly believes, to be his obligation to his country.

After leaving the army, Mike continued to be drawn to his love of heights. He enjoyed cliff climbing, bungie jumping and anything that offered that exhilaration he felt when he was "above it all". 

Over the years he worked in various aspects of construction, including owning his own flooring company, but never felt that he could marry his love for heights with his analytical aptitude and his gift of gab. That is, until a friend asked him to come and try out sales for his roofing company. When he came home after his first day climbing roofs with his friend, he told Genny that he had found his niche! He has never wavered from that sentiment for an instant. 

Mike managed the sales division for a large, local roofing company for over 10 years before they announced, via a Monday morning email, that, effective that very day, they were closing the residential roofing division and concentrating strictly on commercial work. Without missing a beat, Mike called Genny, a teacher at the time, and asked her to set about researching how to get a Class A license. They were going into business! Thus, the inception of Commonwealth Roofing & Siding, LLC.

Mike and Genny have insisted on running a business built on honesty and integrity. From the beginning, they made it clear that their mission is to deliver forthright estimates, quality products, warranted workmanship and unrivaled customer service. That mission is alive and well today in their thriving business. 

When asked what advice Mike would offer homeowners looking to start a remodeling project, he advises, "If a company hard-sells their product or service and tells you that you need to sign their contract immediately in order to qualify for their special pricing, they're probably not a reputable company. Do your due diligence and read online reviews from other homeowners who have used the company. Nobody should be pressured into making hasty remodeling decisions, exterior or interior. If you have the time, get more than one quote. Our estimates are free and come with no-pressure. And if you do not need a new roof, we won't try to sell you one."

The Fontaine family is active in their community: sponsoring various sports clubs and school teams; participating in fundraising events for our troops via the Fisher House Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project, Willing Warriors Org., and the Mighty Oaks Warrior Program; and supporting some of their favorite non-profit organizations like the Special Olympics, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and Hungry For Music. Taylor and Matt were both heavily involved in year-round sports while attending Fairfax High School and are now well into College, helping with the business and fundraisers whenever time, distance, and opportunity permit. It's a hectic life, but one they wouldn't trade for a life of leisure. "If you stop moving, you rust!", claims Mike.  

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